MPG Essentials Commitment to our Community

MPG Essentials will be giving 10% of all product sales to charity.

The vision behind creating MPG Essentials was to not only offer amazing products to all our clients but to also be able to give back to our community. Every year we will be allocating funds to the following causes.

  • Education

  • The Arts

  • Scientific Research

  • Disaster Relief

After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands in 2017, we mobilized our network of people and were able to raise over $65,000 for relief aid to Puerto Rico. This experience led us to explore other ways in continuing to support the economic development of Puerto Rico and at the same time increase our footprint to other causes. That's why when we created MPG Essentials we set out to donate 10% of all sales of our products to these causes. We hope that in the near future we can contribute in a large scale to the education of students by offering grants, contribute to art organizations, contribute to scientific research and continue our support to the Foundation for Puerto Rico and Visit Rico.

Please see below a short video about and the incredible work being done to help local farmers in Puerto Rico.

Want to contribute to the cause? Please follow the Paypal link below to send a donation to our causes. We are not a not-for-profit (yet!), but we are working to build our own foundation in the near future. So rest assure that any money sent to us will be used for these purposes. You can also send your donations directly to our chosen foundations below.

Foundation for Puerto Rico

Visit Rico

The Steadman Philippon Research Institute