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About Us

MPG Essentials is a CBD and Wellness company based in New York City. When we set out to create MPG Essentials, we wanted to accomplish two things; 1-Enhance our clients overall well-being by offering you the highest quality CBD products and PT products. 2- Give back to the community in areas we are passionate about.

Our foundation is based on integrity, innovation, leadership and consciousness. Our commitment is to all our clients, our dance communities, our scientific communities and the charities we support.

Everything we do, we do for you.

 Our Clients

We understand that it can be overwhelming with so many choices in the market place. How do you know what to choose? Let us make it simple for you.

NOT ALL CBD IS CREATED EQUAL! At MPG Essentials, we offer you Broad-Spectrum CBD from organically grown hemp plants that has been bread to have the strongest “medicinal properties” available. The manufacture of our products is aligned with our company values, principles and integrity. We can proudly stand by our products! We all use these very same products at home and we recommend them to friends and family.

Our Commitment and Passion

We are passionate and committed to helping people from all over the world recover from injuries and attain their optimal physical potential and we are also committed to our community in the areas of scientific research, the arts, education and disaster relief. When hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands in 2017, we mobilized our network of people and we were able to raise $65,000 for Relief aid to Puerto Rico. This was a tremendous feeling. This experience led us to explore other ways we could support the economic development of Puerto Rico and at the same time increase our footprint to other causes. That’s why we are very excited to share with you that 10% of all product sales will be donated. As a company we value our community and look forward to the impact we can make with our donations.