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About Us

Everything we do, we do for you.

Your wellness journey is as unique as you. That’s why everyone deserves a personalized, professional recommendation. 

After years of research on CBD’s effective use in physical therapy, and without a high-quality, medically-minded product to offer, Michelle Rodriguez (MPT, OCS, CMPT) of MPG One Wellness Physical Therapy & Wellness Center knew something needed to change.

MPG Essentials was built on a shared mission to provide a hands-on, natural approach to wellness for patients and pursuers-of-health alike. 

And we’re here to walk you through the journey so you can embrace your own wellness routine as a life philosophy. 

We have four pillars that guide us:


Our team understands that not all CBD on the market is created equal, therefore we guarantee that our organic PCR Hemp Oil is carefully crafted to offer its full range of medicinal benefits. We don’t believe in compromising on your health, and neither should you.


Our mission to care for others is much larger than our products and services. MPG Essentials allocates 10% of all product sales to charity in support of causes in education, the arts, scientific research, and disaster relief. Supporting community is at the center of our work.


We understand that CBD is not a quick-fix solution to many of your ailments, so our team of wellness experts and world-class physical therapists offer a combination of manual therapy and professional consultation to ensure you’re on the right track. Your journey to a healthy recovery is our expertise.


The scientific research surrounding CBD and other phytocannabinoids is constantly evolving, but our team at MPG Essentials not only consistently reviews industry standards and regulations, but we seek it out in our own research. We trust science so you can trust us

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