How to Use

CBD tincture, salves, capsules, and bath bombs

A Versatile Supplement in Your Wellness Routine

Our body uses its natural healing mechanisms to recover from our daily physical activities. This biological response is what enables us to perform at our optimal levels, but even the slightest imbalance can cause a noticeable impact on our well-being.

This is why MPG Essentials has created our broad spectrum CBD products: to help you maintain your body’s natural healing capabilities.

From our clinic to your home, we encourage our community to take full advantage of our products’ natural benefits in their daily wellness routine, along with MPG One Wellness’ massage therapy and acupuncture treatments.

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Beginners to CBD are encouraged to start with smaller doses, and slowly increase their usage as the body becomes accustomed to the treatment. Before considering CBD as a potential supplement to your wellness routine, it is important to note that this versatile compound is a non-intoxicant, unlike THC, and is therefore used to treat physical ailments without affecting one’s mood or mental status.



Performance & Recovery

Protect the body’s natural healing mechanisms by achieving optimal rest. CBD’s therapeutic properties are scientifically proven to promote healthy sleep cycles, decrease emotional stress, and support the body’s anti-inflammatory response.


A Healthy Glow

Rich antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties work together to improve the skin’s overall appearance. CBD’s ability to boost nutrient levels and treat various skin conditions make it a great solution for achieving a healthier glow. Try our CBD infused face mask to soothe redness and skin inflammation from acne, rosacea, or minor laser skin treatments.


Unwind & Relax

The skin is capable of absorbing the medicinal benefits of CBD through our pores. When using our CBD bath bombs, salves, or physio formula in your wellness routine, the body takes in powerful phytocannabinoids to relax the body after a long day. Muscular cramps, injuries, and emotional stress are just some ailments that can be treated topically with our organic products.

Review our line of high-quality CBD products and see which ones suit your wellness needs.

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